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Hi, I’m Aaron Elzy, i’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and welcome to my blog. I believe that every picture tells a story about either a person, event ,animal, or an object. I actually fell into photography by accident. You see, i’m actually the owner of a thriving barbershop business and i wanted a camera that would help me enhance the pictures of my clients, sorta like a before and after type of deal. ¬†Well almost everyone i talked to said the same damn thing,’ Use your phone, It takes the same pictures as a camera,” or ” Don’t spend all that money on a camera unless you’re going to take professional pictures.” Duh, that’s why i got it to begin with…lol..Nevertheless, i made a great investment on my first camera and i’m glad i did.

This ‘about me’ page isn’t really about me, It’s about us and everything we love about photography. I hope we can experience this awesome photo journey together and discover the true essence of telling a story with pictures.

Aaron Elzy