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How a Speed Limit Sign Changed My Life


The flood waters were beginning to rise and people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and other nearby cities lost their homes,cars and other possessions. You could feel the urgency and see the helplessness on the face of many people in the city. I also felt this frustration sweep into my mind as my car started but wouldn’t move. It must be complications of the transmission from all the water I had to ride through to get to my destination. It was extremely hot outside and my wife and i were exhausted and sweaty.Our plan was to go to her mothers house on dry land and pray that the water  doesn’t come that way.  Once again i started up the 2008 mustang and slammed it into drive gear. Nothing.

We finally hitched a ride to her mother’s house about 5 miles away. It was a nice and quiet neighborhood with a few kids playing basketball and riding bikes, it was different from the flooding and destruction i’ve seen in the other neighborhoods .I inhaled the air, grabbed my camera and took a walk down the street to just clear my head and do some photography. As i looked around, i was drawn to a 25 mph speed limit sign that was 10 feet away from me in front of a house on the corner. And then it hit me. The best ideas and thoughts come to me at the strangest times, for whatever reason, it’s always been that way.

It occured to me that even in times of depression and hopelessness,we must SLOW DOWN and still remain grateful to go through whatever we’re going through. It could’ve been worse. You could’ve been dead. What doesn’t kill us makes us wiser.


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